Section 1 - History Extension - Constructing History - 49/50 HSC Mark

By Michael · In 2021
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Extensive notes for History Extension (Section 1) that covers the construction of history, key questions about the nature of history, and major historiographical debates. It includes detailed explorations of different historians, their contexts, methods, and the impact of their works on historiography. Additionally, it discusses the digital revolution's influence on history and the role of historical representations in film. Closely aligned to the syllabus.

Key Features:

  • Constructing History
  • Key Historians: Detailed analyses of several historians
  • Historiographical Debates: Discussion of major debates, including the History Wars
  • Case study: Digital Revolution
  • Case study: Historical Representations in Film

In Year 12 I achieved an ATAR of 99.05, and seven Band 6 results, including a Band 6 in Ancient History and E4 History Extension.

Added September 2023

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