Help for buyers

What payment methods are supported?
Our checkout supports common credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets. All transactions are handled securely through Stripe.
How can I be sure of what I'm buying?
You can read the description of the notes to see what they cover, as well as check reviews and ratings from other users. Only users who have purchased the notes are able to leave their feedback.
How can I access my purchases?
You can download notes at any time from your dashboard. Even if notes are removed from sale you will still have access to your purchases.
What if I'm not happy with my purchase?
If you find that notes you've purchased don't meet their description you can contact us for a refund within 48 hours. Refunds will only be provided in these circumstances, not for change of mind.
How can I contact support?
We're available at

Help for sellers

How much am I paid?
You are able to price notes yourself - using a range between $19 and $99. High School Notes will take 30% commission of all sales, which means on a $99 set of notes you will earn $69.30.
How will I be paid?
Once you've sold a set of notes we'll guide you through linking your account with Stripe. They will confirm your bank account and verify your ID. Once you complete this process High School Notes will be able to transfer sales to your account.
How are refunds handled?
Buyers have 48 hours to get in contact to refund a set of notes. A refund will only be granted if the notes do not match their description - not for change of mind. If we refund a set of your notes you will be required to update your listing to better reflect the contents.
What notes can I sell?
You can only sell notes you have created yourself, and own the copyright over. You also need to ensure that your notes: are not pure class notes, are not tutorial, or exam questions/answers, are not assignments/essays (or could be used as assignments/essays), are not hand-written (though diagrams may be drawn), are not for a single class, and do not include images/diagrams from textbooks or slides.
Can I update my notes?
You can always update the title and description of your notes - but not the underlying PDF. If your notes are paid notes they will require manual review with every change, and they will not be available on the site while they are being reviewed.
How can I contact support?
We're available at