Economies HSC Summarised notes BAND 6

By Constance · From St Vincent's College · In 2022
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97 pages
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  • Summarised notes for every relevant HSC topic
  • Diagrams and explanations
  • include relevant statistics
  • Includes stats that can be used in Business Studies.

Economics band 6 EXTENSIVE notes, ready to be used! I received a final ATAR of 97, and a final mark of 95 (Band 6, NESA distinguished achiever). Includes detailed notes from a range of sources, covering core topics. Includes STATS and key points to get a band 6, which can be used in multiple-choice, short answer and extended response.

It also includes notes from other resources, including 2 HSC textbooks and ATAR notes from other top-achieving students. You DO NOT need any other information apart from my complete summary. These notes were curated with an HSC senior marker, so they are very reliable. They also allowed me to top my year group with a final ATAR of 97!

Added June 2024