SACE Y12 Chemistry Topic 2- Managing Chemical Processes Full Topic Flashcards

By Hortense · In 2020
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These are the notes I created in Y12 that helped me to get an A and a 97.0 ATAR.

Topics covered includes:

Collision Theory Basics

Factors affecting Rates of Reactions --> Concentration, Pressure, Temperature, Surface Area, Catalyst --> Rates of Reaction Graphs

Endothermic vs Exothermic Reactions

Equilibrium and Yield

Equilibrium Position --> Em graphs, Homogenous vs Heterogenous Em Mixtures

Equilibrium Constant (Kc)

Kc Formula, Interpreting Kc, Shifting Em Position, Calculating Em Concentration

Le Chatelier's Principle --> Impacts of Concentration, Pressure, Inert Gases, Temperature, Catalysts on Em position Optimising Production --> Raw Materials, By-Products, Waste Products, Methods of Disposal, Reducing Energy Costs

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