Band 6 - Power and Authority in the Modern World

By Mahdiyyah · In 2021
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Survey ● an overview of the peace treaties which ended World War I and their consequences

Focus of study The rise of dictatorships after World War I
● the conditions that enabled dictators to rise to power in the interwar period ● an overview of the features of the dictatorships that emerged in Russia, Italy, Japan

The Nazi regime to 1939 ● the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler in Germany and the collapse of the Weimar Republic ● the initial consolidation of Nazi power 1933–1934
● the nature of Nazi ideology
● the role of prominent individuals in the Nazi state
● the various methods used by the Nazi regime to exercise control, including laws, censorship, repression, terror, propaganda, cult of personality
● the impact of the Nazi regime on life in Germany, including cultural expression, religion, workers, youth, women, minorities including Jews
● opposition to the Nazi regime

The search for peace and security in the world ● an overview of the search for peace and security 1919–1946: – the ambitions of Germany in Europe and Japan in the Asia-Pacific – the intentions and authority of the League of Nations and the UN

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