History Extension Section II - CASE STUDY: Cleopatra notes

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Detailed and condensed notes on prominent historians regarding the case study of Cleopatra VII. The notes consist of summaries of interpretations, contexts and methodologies from a wide range of historians (both ancient and modern) that contribute to the changing approaches in constructing Cleopatra's image and interpretations to support your argument.

Section II provides evidence for all areas of debate concerning Cleopatra with quotes from ancient interpretations (i.e. Plutarch) to contemporary (i.e. Joyce Tyldesley) as well as popular perspectives (i.e. Shakespeare).

These notes are based on the content focus from the History Extension Stage 6 Syllabus (2017):

What are the historical debates in the case study?

  • historical interpretations and perspectives (including recent historiography) of the areas of debate
  • popular interpretations and perspectives of the areas of debate
  • changing approaches to the construction of history
  • the shaping of interpretations: the role of context, methodology, purpose, sources and form of communication

Examine the historians and approaches to history (including recent historiography) that have contributed to the historical debate in the areas of:

– constructions of Cleopatra’s identities and gender

– role as Pharaoh

– the relationship with Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Octavian

Added November 2021