Ancient Societies: Bronze Age Minoan Crete (year 12 ancient history)

By Eleanor · In 2019
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detailed revision notes on Bronze Age Minoan Crete (option f) for the ancient societies module of HSC ancient history. Covers all syllabus points, including: geographical and historical context, significant palaces, social structure and political organisation (incl gender and identity of rulers, palace elites, religious roles, craftspeople), palace economy, importance of agriculture and artisanal goods, trade and exchange in the mediterranean, thalassocracy, occupations and crafts (incl pottery, stone carvings, seal stones, textiles, purple dye, metallurgy), building technology, religion (incl deities, religious symbols, religious places and rituals), burial practices, cultural and everyday life (incl frescoes, writing, health), AND MORE! I completed HSC ancient history in 2019 with a final mark of 98, and I have since used these note when tutoring high school students.

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