The Merchant of Venice - Texts and Human Experiences

By Eleanor · In 2019
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these super detailed notes break down all syllabus points for the Texts and Human Experiences prescribed text 'The Merchant of Venice'. INCLUDES:

  • a break down of the syllabus (everything you need to know about the module!)
  • context and status as a comedy
  • character profiles and key quotes
  • full overview of all anomalies, paradoxes and inconsistencies
  • literary devices
  • overview of the 'human experiences' in the text (incl revenge, otherness, oppression, justice and mercy, risk and hazard, appearance and reality)
  • overview of the 'qualities and emotions' in the text (incl value and worth, greed and desire, love, hatred, conflict) and more! Band 6 notes that I have since used for tutoring other students. If you're looking for more English Advanced notes for other modules I have uploaded more :)
Added September 2021