Keats and Bright Star - Textual Conversations

By Eleanor · In 2019
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these super detailed study notes break down all syllabus points for the Textual Conversations prescribed texts 'Selected Poems of John Keats' and 'Bright Star' film by Jane Campion. INCLUDES:

  • a break down of the syllabus (everything you need to know about the module!)
  • respective personal, social, historical and cultural contexts of Keats and Campion
  • an explanation of 'negative capability'
  • analysis of key quotes from all of the prescribed Keats poems
  • analysis of key scenes, quotes and techniques from Bright Star film
  • analysis of key film characters
  • overview of themes in both texts (incl transience, nature, gender, art, love and desire, imagination) Band 6 notes that I have since used when tutoring other students. If you are looking for other English Advanced study notes I have more uploaded :)
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