An Artist of the Floating World - Critical Study of Literature

By Eleanor · In 2019
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these super detailed study notes cover all syllabus points for the Critical Study of Literature prescribed text 'An Artist of the Floating World'. INCLUDES:

  • a full syllabus breakdown (everything you need to know about the module!)
  • analysis of key quotes
  • character overviews
  • critical perspectives (literary critics)
  • cultural, historical, contemporary and author contexts
  • overview of key themes (incl responsibility and shame, loyalty, nation and city, time and memory, guilt and culpability, self perception and self deception, intergenerational conflict, family, student/teacher relationships, role of the artist, art)
  • overview of literary techniques (incl unreliable narrator, narrative structure, memories as a structural device, binaries, symbolism, metaphors) and more! Band 6 notes that I have since used when tutoring other students. If you are looking for other English Advanced notes I have more uploaded :)
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