HSC ECONOMICS - Economic Issues (Topic 3 - Notes)

By Hugo · In 2020
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I achieved a HSC mark of 96 in Economics in 2020, earning a top 50 state rank. I currently tutor HSC Economics, Business Studies and Legal Studies.

These notes are comprehensive, detailed, and extremely high quality. They include well-explained high-level theory as well as impeccably researched and compelling statistics which will jump off the page to any marker. Each economic issue within these notes adopts the innovative 'WICEPT' model (What, Indicators, Causes, Effects, Policy Response, and Trends) - rendering each Issue easier to break down, and comprehend and apply more effectively and efficiently. See sample of 'Economic Growth' for reference.

If studied well, these notes are likely to guide you in your Economics studies and impart the requisite knowledge and skills to achieve your goals in this subject.

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