HSC Physics Course Summary Notes - perfect for reviewing!

By Andrian · In 2021
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These notes contain information on every Year 12 module (Mod 5, 6, 7, 8). Written by a 99.45 ATAR student, these notes are optimised for review. These notes include:

  • Proof of equations not on the formula sheet e.g. banked curves, escape velocity, single slit diffraction
  • Clear explanations of experiments by JJ Thompson, Maxwell, Newton, Huygens, Hertz, Hallwach, Milikan and Bohr
  • Clear explanations of how certain scientific equipment was used to see results e.g. cloud chambers, particle accelerators and cathode rays
  • Also includes a scaffold for answering working scientifically questions (accuracy, reliability and validity)

Please note that since these notes are mainly for revision purposes, not every experiment that is taught in the syllabus is included here.

Added February 2022