IB SL/HL Psychology 2018-2019 notes: Biological Approach HL (Paper One)

By Adele
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10 pages

IB Psychology, Paper One notes for the Biological Approach Higher Level: The role of animal research in understanding human behaviour. Notes include 11 pages of structured content based on the syllabus, and structured according to the relevant subtopics. Includes a study list of all studies utilised/referenced for the entire biological approach for Paper 1. The main bulk of notes are summaries & evaluations of all studies included for HL subcomponent of the biological approach, and additional information / relevant content for each. Subtopics are: (1) The value of animal models in psychology research; (2) Whether animal research can provide insight into human behaviour; (3) Ethical considerations in animal research. Also includes thorough holistic critical thinking / evaluations of all topics and studies. I achieved a level 7 for Psychology in the November 2019 exams.

Added September 2021