Modules 5 and 8 Band 6 Notes (HSC 92, external 93)

By Daniel · From Normanhurst Boys High School · In 2020
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50 pages

Modules 5 and 8 HSC Physics Notes. 50 pages long. On the formula sheet, it appears that there is no formulas for module 8, this is because I accidentally left them in the Module 7 section of the formula sheet. PLEASE NOTE: I ran out of time to finish 8.2 and 8.5 for the HSC. Other than that, these notes are a full and comprehensive overview of Advanced Mechanics and the other points of Module 8. (8.1,8.3,8.4, these are the most difficult concepts in this module anyway, the other two are rote learning). Module 5 includes all derivations, general and specific equations for each instance in the syllabus, as well as experiments to verify some concepts. Because Module 8 is incomplete, I'm also adding a large section on Working Scientifically, defining terminology as well as how to address things like reliability, precision, accuracy, etc in long responses. I believe that stuff is more useful than the actual content in the notes. I also included my own personal formula sheet including all the constants and equations you'll ever need in your answers, covering all modules. In the notes there are various experimental set ups. These notes were written by myself using resources from textbooks, teachers and tutoring, but is completely my own work. All images are from google, or drawn myself.

Added September 2021