HSC Economic Notes

By Mukund · In 2021
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Hey my name is Mukund Agrawal and I graduated in 2021 with an ATAR of 99.60. I came first internally in economics with a mark of 100/100 and a HSC mark of 94. I also received full marks in both essays within the HSC.

I am providing comprehensive notes which covers the whole economics HSC syllabus. I have hand typed these notes with great consideration, time and effort throughout my study of economics in 2021. The material I am providing provides a great summary of all the content you will need to know to exceed in economics and is sufficient to study the whole course. As these notes were written for the 2021 HSC, the contemporary content covers up till the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian economy up till 2021.

The package includes comprehensive and detailed notes for the HSC economics syllabus.

Added April 2022