BAND 6 legal crime dot points paragraphs for all topics

By Laurel · In 2021
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Very detailed dot-point paragraphs for the crime legal studies topic, perfect for covering all aspects of the syllabus. These helped me achieve 1st in the course! It includes plans for:

  • Issues of Compliance and non-compliance
  • The role of law reform
  • Effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in achieving justice
  • Moral and ethical standards of society
  • Role of Discretion in the Criminal Justice system (CJS)
  • Extent of which the law balances rights of offender, victim and community
  • Effectiveness of criminal investigation in achieving justice
  • Effectiveness of criminal trial in achieving justice
  • Effectiveness of different types of penalties & diversionary programs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of sentencing in achieving justice
  • Effectiveness of dealing with young offenders
  • Domestic and international law in dealing with international crime
Added December 2021