Band 6 Mrs Dalloway and The Hours Essay Scaffold Mod A

By Jessica · In 2019
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I achieved a 99.65 ATAR, with a mark of 93 in English.

This essay was used in both my internal and external exams.

The structure of the essay is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Both Mrs Dalloway and The Hours explore the notion of emotional and spiritual alienation in preventing a momentous existence fulfilled by human connection.
  • Likewise in The Hours, Daldry extols Woolf’s portrayal of emotional liberation as integral to an individual’s fragile sanity.
  • Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway explores the human predicament of mortality in shaping an individual’s ontological discovery of self-identity and purpose.
  • Daldry conveys the notion of temporality in confining individuals in their pursuit for a fulfilling life through his film The Hours, its post-modernist perspective cinematically emphasising the enduring struggle against ephemeral existence highlighted in Woolf’s novel.
  • Conclusion
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