Complete Nervous System Notes: Human Biology Unit 3

By Edwina · In 2019
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57 pages
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Hi! I am currently a doctor working in Australia and have been tutoring for 9 over years. Human biology is my specialty (given I have spent way too many years trying to obtain a medical degree surely it shows how committed I am to this field hahaah).

I believe in teaching in a very candid way so this entire pack of 29-pages PDF notes on nervous system is candid, informal and literally just top tips from me on how to ace this topic. This is all you need. 1 week before the exam just cram this pack. I have also included beautiful drawings i did myself!!!

Have a look at the sample and you'll get what I mean!! (i needed to compress the pdf to fit it hence poor quality but the main pdf will be of high quality)

If you have absolutely NO IDEA or have SOME IDEA or know A LOT about nervous system, this pack of notes will benefit you either way!!!!!

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