Complete Human Biology Unit 3: Homeostasis

By Edwina · In 2022
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Howdy! I am currently a doctor working in Australia and have been tutoring for 8 over years. Human biology is my specialty (given I have spent way too many years trying to obtain a medical degree surely it shows how committed I am to this field hahaah).

I believe in teaching in a very candid way so this entire pack of 45-pages PDF notes on homeostasis is candid, informal and literally just top tips from me on how to ace this topic. This is all you need. 1 week before the exam just cram this pack. I have included:

  • 'keep it simple stupid' type of explanation
  • quiz/activities I made
  • exam tips and hints that you will thank me for later

Have a look at the sample and you'll get what I mean!!

If you have absolutely NO IDEA or have SOME IDEA or know A LOT about homeostasis, this pack of notes will benefit you either way!!!!!

Added April 2023