Psychology- Diagnosis (What is is, and all the factors involved)

By Lara · In 2023
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These documents describe what diagnosis is, what mental health is, the mental health continuum, what a mental health problem is, what mental illness is, the types of mental illnesses which include psychosis and neurosis, and how to tell if you have a mental disorder by the symptoms, behaviours, and feelings of an individual. The documents include how diagnoses are made, diagnostic tools. It looks at mental health vs mental disorders including mood disorders and it's sub titles of, major depressive disorder, mania, and bipolar disorder. It reviews personality disorders and subtitles of antisocial personality disorder and boarder line personality disorder. it encompasses psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and anxiety disorders involving generalised anxiety disorder and specific phobias. The documents cover reliability and validity as well as the purpose of diagnosis and methods of diagnosis.

Added December 2023