Economics bible - 1st internal, 2nd place dux, 97.15 ATAR

By Joseph
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126 pages

My name is Joey, the director of JS Tutoring. As a learning coach and academic tutor for years now, these notes have successfully aided the academic improvement and results of many many HSC students.

These notes were made from an abundance of textbooks and resources, all combined into one set of notes. They include a syllabus memoriser tool, syllabus based summary notes, Case studies, definitions, examples, analysis and more.

Personally, these notes achieved a 1st place internal rank, 97.15 atar and 2nd place dux for myself. They have gone on to help so many students and now it is your turn!

Parts of topic 4 are handwritten and the topic 1 case study is on the CHINA economy

Highly recommend.

Added November 2022