99.75 ATAR | HSC Biology Module 6 Notes | Band 6 HSC mark: 96 | HYPER-detailed! |

By Annika · From Smiths Hill High School · In 2022
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Comprehensive HSC Biology Notes covering all modules written by a band 6 (96/100), 99.75 ATAR achiever. These notes are extremely thorough, covering every syllabus dot point in enough depth for you to achieve a band 6! They draw from many resources and include images and diagrams to assist your learning :). They are organised with the content clearly under each syllabus dot point to allow you to navigate them easily. The notes are designed for efficient study, with a column of questions, and a column of answers so that you can test yourself in preparation for your exams.

Happy studying :)

(Notes are 246 pages)

(HSC Biology Mark: 96/100)

Added June 2022

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