Complete Economics HSC Notes

By Dori · From Holy Spirit College (Lakemba) · In 2021
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97 pages
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(71 Pages) These notes cover all assessed HSC topics including:

  • The Global Economy
  • Australia's Place in the Global Economy
  • Economic Issues
  • Economic Policies and Management

(26 Pages) These notes also include:

  • A complete glossary covering all 4 topics
  • A comprehensive table covering 12 trade groups, 8 international treaties, 3 domestic programs / bodies and 6 relevant theories / laws
  • A complete list / illustration of every single relevant formula that can be assessed in the HSC
  • A thorough table covering and explaining every single relevant graph / table that can provide statistical use in the HSC

I have included a sample PDF showing the first 4 pages of each topic (16 out of 71 pages) plus the first page of the glossary and the complete formula table.

Added June 2022