HIGH BAND 6 English Golden Tips/Tricks for Essay, Discursive, Short Story, Textual Form and Context

By Karen · In 2017
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COMPREHENSIVE 5 PAGES of Exam and Writing Tips for achieving a Band 6 in English. It provides all the insights/question prompts you need in order to know what the difference is between a band 6 and band 5 essay, discursive and short story.

I am a published writer and experienced English tutor, teaching 43 students across 23 different schools. My previous students have all graduated with a Band 6 (90+) or exceptional Band 5 (87-89) in English (all units/levels), Business Studies & Geography.

I graduated in 2017 with a Band 6 in all 4 units of English. My Extension English 2 major work was published in the NSW Young Writers Showcase.

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