Agrippina The Younger Notes Package

By Holly · In 2023
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Notes containing information on all these dot points: Survey • The historical context, including: – geography, topography and resources of Rome and the Roman Empire – an overview of Roman social and political structures, the principate – role of imperial women in Roman society

Focus of study • Background and rise to prominence, including: – family background and status – early life, ambitions and marriages

• Key features and developments, including: – basis of her power and influence, patronage – role during the reign of Gaius (Caligula), including exile – role during the reign of Claudius (ACHAH355) – role and changing relationship with Nero during his reign (ACHAH356) – relationships with other members of the imperial court: Seneca, Burrus & imperial freedmen – impact of her personality on her role and public image (ACHAH355) – attempts on her life – death: motives, manner and impact of death

• Evaluation, including: – impact and influence on her time – assessment of her life and career – legacy – ancient and modern images and interpretations of Agrippina the Younger (ACHAH363)

• ONE particular source or type of source for Agrippina the Younger, including: – the value and limitations of the source – an evaluation of the source in the context of other available sources, including problems of evidence

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