QCE Physics Unit 3 & 4 Complete Notes

By Louisa · In 2022
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I achieved an ATAR of 96% and a score of 46/50 for my final exam. The subject matter summary notes consolidated and enabled me to study for my final exam in just 3 DAYS!

I graduated in 2022 so these notes are up to date with units 3 & 4 of the Physics ATAR senior syllabus. The notes are a complete condensed 39 page summary and are also written congruent with each syllabus dot point. I spent multiple days organizing and rewriting these notes, making them easy to read, as well as creating summative diagrams to represent complex concepts.

Main/Subheadings include: · Vectors and projectile motion · Inclined Planes · Motion in a circle: Circular motion, Centripetal force · Gravity: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, Gravitational Fields · Orbits: Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion · Electric Fields: Coulomb's Law, Electric Fields, Electric Potential Energy · Magnetic Fields: Magnets, MF Diagrams, Creating MF, Solenoids, Magnetic force on current- carrying wire, Magnetic force on a single charge · Electromagnetic Induction: Magnetic Flux, Electromotive force, Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law and its applications, Transformers · Special Relativity: Einstein and relativity, Frames of Reference, Postulates of Relativity, Simultaneity, Time Dilation, Length Contraction, Mass in Relativity, Relativistic Momentum and mass-energy equivalence, Apparent Paradoxes · Quantum Physics: Light as a wave, Black-body radiation, Quantization of energy, The photoelectric effect · The Atom: Rutherford's model, Bohr's model, Particles as a wave, Atomic Spectra, The wave- particle dual nature of light · The Standard Model: The standard Model of particle physics, Quarks and Leptons, Gauge Bosons, Particle Interactions, Feynman diagrams

Added September 2023