QCE Chemistry Unit 3 & 4 Complete Notes

By Louisa · In 2022
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I achieved an ATAR of 96% and tied for dux in my year 12 Chemistry class. The subject matter summary notes consolidated and enabled me to study for my final exam in just 3 DAYS!

I graduated in 2022 so these notes are up to date with units 3 & 4 of the Chemistry ATAR senior syllabus. The notes are a complete condensed 67 page summary and are also written congruent with each syllabus dot point. I spent multiple days organizing and rewriting these notes, making them easy to read, as well as creating summative diagrams to represent complex concepts.

Main Headings: Chemical equilibrium, Equilibrium in acid and base chemistry, Volumetric analysis, Redox reactions, Galvanic cells as a source of energy, Predictions of chemicals by electrolysis, Structure and physical properties of organic compounds, Chemical properties and reaction pathways, Organic materials: structure and function, Analysis of organic compounds, Chemical synthesis, Macromolecules: polymers, proteins and carbohydrates, Molecular manufacturing

Subheadings: Dynamic/Factors that affect equilibrium, Applying Le Ch√Ętelier's principle/Collision theory to equilibria, Equilibrium constants, Br√łnsted-Lowry model/strength of acids and bases, Acidity of solutions, Buffers, Dissociation constants, Indicators, Principles/Performing volumetric analysis, Introducing/Identifying/Predicting/Balancing complex redox reactions using half-equations, Galvanic cells, The electrochemical series, Everyday sources of power, Electrolytic cells, Organic compounds diversity/volatility, Isomerism, Hydrocarbon derivatives, Boiling point change, Solubility/Understanding the reactivity of organic compounds, Chemical reaction of alkanes, haloalkanes and alkenes, Reactions of compounds containing O & N atoms, Amino acids, Protein Formation/Structure, Enzyme Action, Fats & oils, Soaps, Carbohydrates, Chromatography, Reaction pathways, Modifying chemical properties, Fuel Synthesis/cells, Yield and chemical industry, Green chemistry, Types/Properties of polymers, Designer chemicals

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