QCE SOR Unit 4 Notes

By Olivia · In 2020
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I achieved a 98% raw score in SOR and these notes helped me tremendously when preparing for the external!

The notes cover Unit 4 Topic 2 and were completed in 2020 so they are tailored to the ATAR syllabus. Each aspect of the topic is covered and express links to the syllabus are highlighted in blue. These notes also integrate (heaps of) analysis for each individual dot point on the syllabus. I've spent over 25 hours creating these notes so they are very clear and well-structured.

The notes are organised under the following headings and subheadings:

Christianity (imago dei, revelation, sin, incarnation, resurrection, salvation, free will, baptism, funeral, golden rule and agape love)

Judaism (co-creators, three kinds of relationships, three kinds of rights, image of G-d, revelation, sin, repentance, free will, sanctity of life, divine vs human justice, Brit Milah, Kadish)

Islam (submission to Allah, predestination, Jihad, revelation, unassailable rights, literalist vs conservative approach to human rights, birth rites, death rites, 5 pillars, Ummah, Tawhid)

Buddhism (Karma, samsara, 4 noble truths, 3 marks of existence, 5 precepts, 3 jewels, 3 poisons, death rituals, Buddhist arguments for Human Rights, Buddhist arguments against Human Rights)

Hinduism (Atman, Triumverate, karma, samsara, moksha, dharma, daan, death rituals)

Human Rights Documents (UDHR, Arcot Krishnaswami Study, Declaration on the elimination of all forms of intolerance and discrimination, Cairo Declaration)

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