Psychology 3/4 Notes (check description to see what's included)

By Jordan · From Alkira Secondary College · In 2020
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Full set of psychology unit 3 & 4 notes

  • Research methods: scientific method, variables, types of research methodologies, experimental research designs, sampling, sources of error and prevention of error, ethics, data, evaluation of research
  • How the nervous system enables psychological functioning: nervous system, conscious and unconscious response, the neuron, neurotransmitters, chronic nervous system changes due to neurotransmitter dysfunction, stress, biological processes of stress, psychological processes of stress, coping with stress
  • How people learn and remember: neural plasticity, neurotransmitters and neurohormones, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, observational conditioning, Atkinson-Shiffrin's model of memory, brain structures in long-term memory, methods of memory retrieval, effects of brain trauma, factors influencing a person's ability to remember information, reconstruction of memories and Loftus' research
  • How levels of consciousness affect mental processes and behaviour: consciousness as a psychological construct, the measurement of consciousness, changes in a persons psychological state due to levels of awareness, sleep deprivation and blood alcohol concentrations, sleep rhythms, the purpose and function of sleep, differences in sleep across the lifespan, changes to a person’s sleep-wake cycle, the effects of partial sleep deprivation, bright light therapy
  • What influences mental wellbeing: mental health as a continuum, ethical considerations of studying and researching mental health, biopsychosocial approach, as a scientific model, to explain specific phobia, stress, phobia and anxiety, development of a phobia, interventions for phobia, resilience as a positive adaption to adversity
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