Legal Studies 3/4 Notes (check description to see what's included)

By Jordan · From Alkira Secondary College · In 2020
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Full set of legal studies notes for units 3 & 4

  • The Victorian criminal justice system: principles of justice, key concepts of the Victorian criminal justice system, rights of an accused and victims, the role of institutions available to assist an accused, purposes of committal proceedings plea negotiations, sentence indications, reasons for court hierarchy, responsibilities of key personnel in trials, purposes of sanctions, types of sanctions, sentencing factors, factors that affect the ability of the criminal justice system to achieve the principles of justice, recent reforms, recommended reforms
  • The Victorian civil justice system: relevant factors when initiating a civil claim
  • The people and the Australian Constitution: roles of the Houses of Parliament (Victorian and Commonwealth) in law-making, roles of the Crown in law making, division of constitutional law-making powers of the state and Commonwealth parliaments, significance of section 109 of the Australian Constitution, means by which the Australian Constitution acts as a check on parliament in law-making
  • The people, the parliament and the courts: factors that affect the ability of parliament to make laws, roles of the Victorian courts and the High Court in law-making, reasons for, and effects of statutory interpretation, factors that effect the ability of courts to make law, features of the relationships between courts and parliament in law-making, reasons for law reform, ability and means by which individuals can influence law reform, role of the media in law reform, role of the Victorian Law Reform Commission and its ability to influence law reform, role of parliamentary committees, role of Royal commissions, the ability of parliament and the courts to respond to the need for law reform
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