HSC Sparta Notes

By Aria · In 2022
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HSC notes from a distinguished achiever with a 94.95% ATAR! These notes are compiled with key features:

  • a grid format, easy to read and comprehend
  • notes/analysis/sources organised by every syllabus point- you know you're not missing any content!
  • primary sources, secondary sources, and key terms all colour coded for your convenience
  • all in dot points, with expanded notes underneath- comprehensive notes organised cleanly.

These notes got me a 94/100 in HSC Ancient History.

I also have notes on: Ancient History: Sparta, New Kingdom Egypt, Hatshepsut, and Pompeii and Herculaneum History Extension: Constructing history, and JFK Music 2: Extensive notes on Riffraction (Mark Grandison), Viberant (Holly Harrison) and Au Privave (Charlie Parker) Financial Services: Every competency required for the course English ADV: I have compiled "analysis lists" for Mrs Dalloway/The Hours, King Henry IV part 1, and MOD C English EXT I: I have compiled "analysis lists" for Heaney's poems, Cat's Cradle, and Waiting For Godot.

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Added February 2023