USA 1919-1941 Summary (by syllabus)

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a detailed summary of the Syllabus USA 1919-1941:

Key features ● nature and impact of industrialisation ● nature and impact of consumerism ● the Great Depression ● racism in American society ● changes in society ● influence of conservatism ● American capitalism ● government intervention ● American foreign policy and extent of isolationism Content Students investigate:

Survey ● The USA in the aftermath of World War I and politics in the 1920s: – consequences of World War I for the USA
– Republican economic policies
– long-term causes of the Great Depression
– reactions to the Great Crash of 1929

Focus of study ● The Great Depression and its impact, including: – effects of the Depression on different groups in society: workers, women, farmers, African-Americans (ACHMH116)
– attempts to halt the Depression: the Hoover Presidency, the FDR years (ACHMH116)
– assessment of the New Deal (ACHMH116)
● US society 1919–1941, including: – implications of growing urbanisation and industrialisation
– mobilisation of the military and war production 1939–1941
– growth and influence of consumerism including entertainment (ACHMH115)
– social tensions, including immigration restrictions, religious fundamentalism, Prohibition, crime, racial conflict, anti-communism and anti-unionism (ACHMH114)
● US foreign policy, including: – the nature, aims and strategies of US foreign policy 1919–1941 (ACHMH117, ACHMH118)
– impact of domestic pressures on the USA 1919–1941

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