Biology band 6 notes module 6 ( Genetic Change )

By Farah · In 2021
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These are band 6 notes for Biology module 6 ( Genetic change ) . I have updated those notes throughout my whole year 12 year until hsc exams. I have included every detail you need to know , in a very simple way to understand it . It is very helpful for visual learners like me !!! since I have included a lot of flow charts and diagrams to help you 100% understand since biology relies on understanding more . I have ONLY studied these notes for my exams ( Internals and HSC) and I got band 6 for both !! And you can defiantly achieve that too !!! I say you should also keep them for university if you're planning on studying health or science , since we end up learning the same thing :)

Good luck <3

Added November 2022