HSC English Standard Past the shallows, Asian Poetry, Frank Hurley, Helen Garner + Steve Jobs

By Jess · In 2022
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Includes summarised notes of;

Common module =

  • Past the Shallows (Favel Parrett)

Mod A = Contemporary Asian Poetry:

  • 'This is Where it Begins’ (Merlinda Bobis)
  • ‘Translucent Jade’ (Maureen Ten)
  • ‘Home’ (Miriam Wei Wei Lo)
  • ‘New Accents’ (Ouyang Yu)
  • ‘Mother’ (Voung Pham)
  • ‘Circular Breathing’ (Jaya Savige)

Mod B =

  • Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History (Simon Nasht)

Mod C =

  • Dear Mrs Dunkley (Helen Garner)
  • How To Live Before You Die (Steve Jobs)
Added October 2022