Essay Plans on Stalin and The Soviet Union

By Carissa · From Freeman Catholic High School · In 2022
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5 paragraph essay plans on Stalin and The Soviet Union Includes historian quotes, topic sentences, evidence, practice questions BAND 6 2022 HSC

Dot points covered: → The impact of the Bolshevik consolidation of power, including the creation of the USSR → Power struggle between Stalin, Trotsky and other leading Bolshevik figures in the 1920s → Reasons for the emergence of Stalin as leader of the USSR by the late 1920s → The nature of the USSR under Stalin, including dictatorship and totalitarianism → Economic transformation under Stalin and its impact on Soviet society, including collectivisation and the five-year plans → Political transformation under Stalin: growth of the Party, use of terror, show trials, gulags, propaganda and censorship → Social and cultural change in the USSR under Stalin → The nature of Soviet foreign policy 1917–1941

Added August 2022