Biology; Preliminary Notes(All Modules)

By Joseph · From Macquarie Grammar School · In 2019
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94 pages

this pdf includes: Syllabus Module 1: Cells as the Basis of Life ● What distinguishes one cell from another? ● How do cells coordinate activities within their internal environment and the external environment? Module 2: Organisation Of Living Things ● How are cells arranged in a multicellular organism? ● What is the difference in nutrient and gas requirements between autotrophs and heterotrophs? ● How does the composition of the transport medium change as it moves around an organism? Module 3: Biological Diversity ● How do environmental pressures promote a change in species diversity and abundance? ● How do adaptations increase the organism’s ability to survive? ● What is the relationship between evolution and biodiversity? ● What is the evidence that supports the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection? Module 4: Ecosystem Dynamics ● What effect can one species have on the other species in a community? ● How do selection pressures within an ecosystem influence evolutionary change? ● How can human activity impact an ecosystem?

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