VCE Global Politics Unit 3 AOS 1 Global Actors Notes

By Erin · From Firbank Grammar School · In 2022
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Global Politics notes that cover all aspects of VCAA required content for Unit 3 AOS 1: Global Actors including definitions, aims, roles, power and case studies. It is 19 pages and includes the following areas:

  • States, Nations and Sovereignty
  • Challenges to Sovereignty
  • The United Nations
  • The International Criminal Court
  • The International Monetary Fund
  • Non State Actors (Legal Organisations and Global Terrorist Movements)
  • Transnational Corporations

It also covers the following main case studies:

  • Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria
  • North Korea Missile Crisis
  • South China Sea Territory Dispute
  • Syrian War
  • Pakistan Debt Crisis
  • Wilderness Society 'Fight for the Bright' Campaign
  • Wilderness Society Bass Strait Campaign
  • Islamic State Terrorist Group
  • Google (Australia and France)
Added March 2022