Complete A+ VCE Chemistry 3/4 Notes

By Jeremy · In 2021
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Made by an experience Chem and Methods tutor, these notes are literally all you need to know for VCE Chem! Explained in easy-to-understand language, the notes are organized by chapters according to the commonly-used Heinemann Chem 3/4 textbook, without the fluff. Each chapter also includes up to 15 questions (and solutions) to assess your understanding of the content. The notes have been used by over 20 students to achieve excellent marks for both SACs and Exams. The notes are 162 pages (including cover pages, content, questions, and solutions), so far more concise than a textbook and real value for money when you consider the entire syllabus is covered simply yet as in-depth as you need. The topics included (according to the VCAA study design) are: 1 - Fuels 2 - Energy from Fuels 3 - Stoichiometry and the Combustion of Fuels 4 - Redox 5 - Galvanic Cells as a Source of Energy 6 - Fuel Cells as a Source of Energy 7 - Rate of Chemical Reactions 8 - Extent of Chemical Reactions 9 - Production of Chemicals by Electrolysis 10 - Structure and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds 11 - Properties and Reactions of Organic Compounds 12 - Analysis of Organic Compounds by Spectroscopic Techniques 13 - Analysis of Organic Compounds with Chromatography 14 - Analysis of Organic Compounds by Volumetric Analysis 15 - Structure and Bonding in Food Molecules 16 - Metabolism of Food in the Human Body 17 - The Energy Content of Food

Added November 2021