SACE Y11 BIOLOGY Topic 2- Infectious Diseases Full Subject Flashcards

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These are the notes I created in Y11 that helped me to get an A.

The following topics and subtopics are covered in the full set:

Typed of Microorganisms (Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, Protist, Algae) --> Uses for Microorganisms (Food+Drink, DNA Tech, Recycling Nutrients)

Bacterial Growth --> Factors that contribute to Bacterial Growth (O2 Levels, H2O, pH, Temperature, Nutrients Source) --> Features of Bacterial Growth Graph (Lag Phase, Log Phase, Stationary Phase, Death/Decline)

Food Spoilage (Ideal Conditions, Causes, Effects of Hygiene, Food Preservation Techniques) Cell Theory

Pathogens (Fungi, Prions, Protists, Virus, Parasite, Bacteria) --> Pathogen Characteristics (Infective, Pathogenic, Virulence, Transmissible)

Transmission Methods (Droplet Infection, Direct Contact, Vector, Food, Body Fluids

Disease Spread (Epidemic vs Pandemic) --> Factors that increase chances of Epidemics (Transmission Methods, Mobility of a Population, Intravenous Drugs, Poor Sanitation, Spread via Animals, Movement Habits of the Infected, Persistence of Pathogen in a Host, Mode of Transmission)

Characteristics of Pathogens ('Hit and Run', 'Hit and Stay', Chance in Virulence and Genetic Structure)

Drug Resistant Bacteria

Population Immunity

Disease Impacts (Morbidity+Mortality, Micro+Macro Economics)

Disease Control (Kill Vectors, Killing Pathogens, Quarantine, Immune Response)

Pathogen Adaptations --> Pathogen Entry Points (Respiratory Surfaces, Wounds, Digestive System) --> Adaptations (Toxins, Vector, Drug Resistance) --> Viral Replication

1st Line of Defence: Physical Barriers (Skin, Earwax, Chemical/Mechanical Protection, Reflex, Mucus, Self/Non-Self Recognition)

2nd Line of Defence: Innate Immune Response (Phagocytosis, NK Cells, Interferons, Complement System, Inflammatory Response)

3rd Line of Defence: Adaptive Immune Response (Lymphatic System, MHC II, Antigens, Antibodies, B/T Lymphocytes, Memory Cells, Killer/Helper Cells)

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