Chemistry Unit 3 and 4 Objectives with Notes

By Noor · From Runcorn State High School · In 2022
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These are my chemistry notes for unit 3 and 4 which i used for my external exams. the notes were completed throughout my entire year 12 chemistry lessons. The document has a table of contents which includes all the topics and subtopics such as: Chemical Equilibrium, Properties of Acids and Bases, pH scale, Bronsted Lowry Model, Dissociation Constants, Acid-Base Indicators, Volumetric Analysis, Redox Reactions, Electrochemical Cells, Galvanic Cells, Standard Electrode Potentials, Electrolytic Cells, Structure and Properties of Organic Compounds, Organic Reactions and Reaction Pathways, Analytical Techniques, Chemical Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Macromolecules. Hope they help!

Added February 2023