QCE Chemistry Unit 3 and 4 Notes

By Jess · From Somerset College · In 2022
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This is a comprehensive document covering every syllabus point in the Chemistry QCAA syllabus. I created this document over the span of the entire year of Year 12 in 2022, and used it for my external exam.

The document includes: relevant diagrams for visual explanations; key terms and definitions in bold; syllabus dot points in a different colour, followed by the relevant notes

The document has a table of contents which includes all the topics and subtopics such as: Chemical Equilibrium, Properties of Acids and Bases, pH scale, Bronsted Lowry Model, Dissociation Constants, Acid-Base Indicators, Volumetric Analysis, Redox Reactions, Electrochemical Cells, Galvanic Cells, Standard Electrode Potentials, Electrolytic Cells, Structure and Properties of Organic Compounds, Organic Reactions and Reaction Pathways, Analytical Techniques, Chemical Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Macromolecules.

Added January 2023