VCE VET Health/VCE VET Health Services (Allied Health) U3/4 Notes (2022)

By Ally · In 2022
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VCE VET Health/VCE VET Health Services (Allied Health) 3/4 notes that include the basic function, anatomy and components of each and every body system (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, urinary, immune, nervous, reproductive, sensory, integumentary, endocrine and musculoskeletal). Additional notes such as blood pH, blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, singular vs plural medical terminology, linking all body systems, homeostasis, fluid balance, levels of organisation and nutrition & hydration will also be accessible to help with this subject and many other subjects alike!

As of 2022, there was no study design for this subject. This means these notes consist of the knowledge I was taught, plus any other extra information that I was unfamiliar with from past exams/SAC's/other resources. Also, any images/diagrams that are included are not mine and I do not claim them as mine.

Added November 2022