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Why become an author?

You can earn significant income from your past hard work. HighSchoolNotes is the sister site to the largest and highly regarded university notes website in Australia - StudentVIP.com.au/notes.
Each year this site pays out of $1m to student authors. We’ve just launched HSN, but we expect similar results for authors here too.

Most elite year 12 students go on to demanding university courses. The extra income from their year 12 work can help take a little financial pressure off further study.

You can genuinely help future students
It can be hard to achieve an academic goal when you haven’t seen it.
Seeing the notes of an elite student can be the critical “Ah… that’s what top work looks like” moment.

Too many smart students work in isolation, without access to other gifted students, either because of the school they go to, their friendship group or economic background.

HSN democratises access to elite notes.

It’s a good thing to be part of. Start by… Becoming an author.

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