IB Biology Notes - Unit 2.4 - 2.6 :)

By Iman · In 2022
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These are my Unit 2.4-2.6 notes from the IB Biology HL course. The notes follow the UAS (Understandings, Applications, Skills) syllabus points from the IB Biology Oxford textbook, meaning that every syllabus point you'll ever need to know is covered in detail in a visually-aesthetic way :)

What's included:

2.4 - Proteins 2.5 - Enzymes 2.6 - Structure of DNA & RNA

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these notes, feel free to contact me!

Going over these notes has been extremely helpful for me during my HL biology course. If you're entering the Biology course in 2022, I highly recommend getting these notes to help you cover the content before starting class so you're more prepared. Bio is a very content-heavy course so it's really important to be well-prepared!

Good luck!

Added June 2022