Author FAQ

Who can upload notes?

This site only publishes notes from the highest achieving students in Australia. Students

  • with an ATAR of 99%.
  • or listed on your state’s honour roll
  • or attended a Top 100 school with an ATAR of 97+

How much do authors make?

HSN is new, so we are not sure. But many top authors at our university notes website StudentVIP.com.au/Notes make over $5,000 per year.

Last year we distributed over $1m to student authors.

What format do my notes need to be?

Pdf only.

Do you accept all notes submitted?

No. We have a moderation team that checks quality.

How long can my notes be?

There is no limit to the length of notes. The maximum file size you can upload is 10MB.

My school says they “own” my notes.

Highly unlikely. If you summarised material, it is highly likely that you have created a new piece of intellectual property, owned entirely by you..

We use a major national intellectual property law firm to advise us. We have many years of representing student authors while running studentvip.com.au/notes.

If you are unsure - just let us know and we can have the law firm give an opinion. We pay for this

How many notes can I upload?

There is no limit.

Can I break up my notes into modules as well as list one document covering the whole subject?

Yes. This is a good idea. It allows people to just buy the module they need.

Can notes be hand written?

We prefer typed notes. But for some subjects - like maths - hand written works too.

Just make sure your hand writing is legible and you disclose in the description field that the notes are hand written.

How is pricing set?

If your notes cover and entire subject, you can choose to price them at $99, $129, $149.

If your notes cover a single module, you can choose to price them at $39, $49, $59.

Can I sell them for a lower price?

No. There are lots of websites that offer tons of free or cheap year 12 notes. This site is designed to only have the very best notes and to provide a real incentive for top students to provide access to their best work.

Given the long hours dedicated to producing the notes and the quality of the author producing them, the pricing is reasonable.

Can I list someone else’s notes?

No. You must be the legal author and owner of the notes. Uploading someone elses notes is a breach of our terms and damages our site.

You and would expose yourself to a legal action from our site as well as the actual author of the site. It would not be pretty.

Can I list my notes on multiple sites?

No. We ask for exclusive distribution rights.

I did the QCE - we don't use "ATAR" scores

Our submission criteria for Queensland authors is an OP1. We are working in displaying OP scores for Queensland later in the year. In the meantime, Queensland authors should put "99" in the "ATAR" field.

I did the International Baccalaureate - we don't use "ATAR" scores

Our submission criteria for IB authors is an IB of 42+. We are working in displaying IB scores for IB students later in the year. In the meantime, IB authors should put "99" in the "ATAR" field (or look up the exact equivalent of your IB score).

Buying notes FAQ

Is payment secure?

Yes. Our merchant gateway is provided by Stripe.com. Stripe is a global leader in safe online payment processing. They process billions of dollars each year. Stripe uses National Australia Bank to handle Australian transactions.

What is the guarantee?

You can get a full refund within 2 days of purchasing the notes if you have genuine concerns regarding their quality. Just contact our moderation team at the feedback page.

We will endeavour to refund the purchase amount paid for the notes to the Buyer’s credit card within 7 days. (This policy does not make a "magic loophole" for ripping off fellow students by getting piles of free high quality notes. If we believe you are fraudulently claiming multiple refunds unrelated to their quality… we just tell you to GTFO. That is not a legal term).

Can I distribute the notes I buy to others?

No. You are purchasing an individual use only.

You can’t duplicate, disseminate or publicly display notes purchased. Individual duplicates (e.g. copies and printouts of the Notes), may only be made for private individual, personal use, and on the terms outlined in section 40 of the Copyright Act – ‘Fair dealing for purpose of research or study’.

Breaching this may expose you to a damages claim from the author and/or this website. Things would get ugly. And we reserve the right to include a tracking mark in each download to identify the origin of any dissemination.